Caturday (By The Masters)

Never has the work of Grant Wood, Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, James McNeill Whistler, and Ivan Argunov been presented so…..furrily. (Is that a word?)

(This is artist Svetlana Petrova’s cat, Zarathustra.)

Through the miracle of modern software, Big Z is now a part of famous paintings.



ImageProxy (1)
The Daily Dot and 123 Inspiration.



  1. Kathy Carnahan says:

    Pure inspiration! (and a very large puddy tat!)

  2. DillPig says:

    This porky darling looks so like my Ginger. Tewtally adorbs! And I just love love love the his-n-her’s matchingks um, cones. 😛

  3. Clairdelune says:

    LOL!!!! Love them all, so clever. I’ll never be able to look at Michelangelo’s ceiling or Mona Lisa or Whistler’s Mother without thinking of Zarathustra.

  4. For some reason, I didn’t think of the cat as oversized until I saw him on Whistler’s mother.

  5. So clever, especially the one with the cone!

  6. That last one is kind of genius.

  7. The kitty added to each painting certainly makes each one more better to me 😀