Caturday: Breakfast

[O HAI R U gonna eat that? U R? OK, I just take it away from U anyway then.]

“Pesky Oscar turns food bowl thief and steals the bowl from under Kimicat’s nose.” -Lyndsey H.



  1. Can’t believe it. She’s really stealing the bowl.

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    She looks around to see if anyone sees her.

  3. Mrs. Norris says:

    It is Oscar’s secret desire to be a weight-control coach!

  4. Rachael says:

    Well, it’s no fun if you just LET me steal it.

  5. Love how he does it so stealthily — a few centimeters at a time — as if the bowl is slowly gravitating to him.

  6. 😆 Looks like Oscar thought that Kimicat was eating a different flavor of cat food and stole the bowl 😆

  7. whatthelump says:

    @Rachael- LOL! Oscar doesn’t even want to eat it, silly guy.

  8. Oscar has a striking profile.