ResQte Of The Week 2: Ajax The Great

Adopt-A-Cat month continues, and that makes today’s bonus edition of ResQte Of The Week quite timely! We’re highlighting a great effort now going on in Houston, Texas. Take ‘er away, Kelly T.

“Meet Jack (short for Ajax the Great) who is the cutest kitten on the entire planet. I adopted him on the 24th of May from Houston’s Friends for Life Shelter and Adoption Center. They tirelessly work to find forever homes for thousands of homeless dogs and cats. I adopted Jack during their Kitty 500 promotion that started during the Indy 500 race and is still going on.” [Through the 8th. -Ed.]

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“All kitties can be adopted for $5.00 which is amazing considering all felines are FIV & FL tested, de-wormed, neutered/spayed (if old enough) and given their first round of shots before they are adopted. Also, they are thorough in pre-screening their adoption family candidates to ensure that their guys are placed within a solid home. My Jack is a little over two months old and weighs 1.14 pounds, but he is, in his own mind, a mighty jungle cat.”

“Adopting Jack will be the best $5.00 I’ve ever spent in my life.” (If you know of a Cute Rescue we should know about, you know what to do.)



  1. Mary (the first) says:

    Hurray for Jack and Kelly T.!

  2. Sandi Lee says:

    It gives me a little hope learn that a state that not only sanctions but promotes hunting of wild (exotic) animals on preserves it can also accommodate the wonderful people who operate this shelter. Maybe the shelter people could talk some sense/compassion into these “big game hunters” by convincing them that helping a kitten, not killing a cat, is the way to go!

  3. AWW 😀 I hope all the dear sweet little kitties and cat find their loving forever homes 😀

  4. Sandi, there are millions upon millions of us in Texas who advocate for animals and care deeply about their treatment. In fact, when I went looking for a little brother for my Tiberius and found Jack – I had five shelters which to choose from within a five mile distance from me. Houston is particularly active in the rescue arena. Painting one state with a broad brush is unfair to those of us who care deeply and take seriously their role as caretakers of animals.