The Takeaway From This One?

Thor does not want to get up. Right?

From VVV.



  1. It’s like seeing myself in the mornings! Except I probably swear and bark more.

  2. same as my dog ^^

  3. Mr. Hugepaws there argues almost as well as a husky. He’s all, “Just wait ’til I’m bigger than you!”

  4. Alpha dog, much? “I hear you, subordinate pack member, but I do not need to obey.”

  5. 260Oakley says:

    Thor says: Dude, I got hammered last night. Let me sleep it off.

  6. dolphin815 says:

    I wish I was cute enough to get away with that…

    And, of course, Oakley wins the Internet again.

  7. annette says:

    Thor was just waiting to hear the magic word: “Outside”.

  8. Dude, that party last night just tore me up. Dude, it was an outrageous party. I just can’t go out and hang with you today. HEADACHE….gimme some aspirin and call me tomorrow. Honkshoo Honkshoo

  9. Heather says:

    So happy to see his beautiful floppy ears 🙂 He looks just like a great dane puppy named Emily who died in my arms after an ear cropping (I quit as a vet tech that day.).

  10. wordphreak says:

    Yeah. Neither do I.

  11. gerdiemonster says:

    my dog totally has a “talk to the butt” move too. 🙂

  12. Sharon Wilson says:

    Owner needsd to say, “SQUIRREL!”

  13. Ooh, I love Great Danes! What a sweet – if grumbly – little boy! Although ‘Thor’ would be a more appropriate name for a fawn dane; a black dane should be called Loki!

  14. As a former Dane(s) owner, a piece of advice–never let ’em see ya’ sweat! When it’s time to get up, don’t cajole. Up and at ’em!! NOW! These dogs are S-M-A-R-T and will walk all over you once they’re mature (and that’s the least of it).

  15. I’d hardly say the pup is acting dominant. He’s rolling on his back and begging for mercy! “Daaaaaaddddd… what do you waaaant?”

    Super cute. I love chatty puppies.