The Look Of Disapproval Is NOT Limited To Buns (Cont.)

As we saw a couple of days back with Otis, The Look Of Disapproval is not limited to Buns, although they clearly do it best.


Birds can also give off The Look, (not including those grumpy little Finches, they always look like that) as evidenced here in this first DISAPPROVAL-HANCE CLOSEUP:

Let’s let Sender-Inner Gina S. take ovah from heah. “This Mother Robin did NOT like pictures being taken of her offspring..”

“…whether in egg form or scary pre-historic dinosaur-baby form.”

“But, hey, it’s my front door (that presently can’t be used!)”

“Photos by me, just days ago. They hatched on May 27th. I shot most pics while she was out worm-shopping at Worm*Mart.”



  1. sleekityin says:

    Worm* Mart – where all smart robins get their grub!

  2. Mikeyfur says:

    Worm Mart!!

  3. daisycam says:

    Congratulations on your new little neighbors! I can relate—I have a wren’s nest on my patio. I have to tip-toe out to water my ferns!

  4. How did Mamma ever build that nest on the front door. Fun to see them so close up though.

  5. Those eggs! So beautiful.

  6. You don’t mess with any mamas babies! Great pics and story!

  7. Gina Smith says:

    Thanks for my first-ever published submeeshon! My cats are rather upset about it, though…..looks like I’ll be taking more pics.

  8. How were you able to enter & exit your home?
    via window?

  9. vulfhild says:

    Cornell Lab of Ornithology, the same folks who bring you nest-cams, currently have a great photo contest:
    Hummingbirds, it seems, can nest on any thing slightly larger than a postage stamp.

  10. Mingles' Mommy says:

    I love that you were willing to give up using your front door for the safety and convenience of these little guys. 🙂