Orangutans -N- Tarsiers, O My

Cuteporter Newbie Helen A. sez: “An avid follower of your site, but never got around to submitting my own photos, so here’s my first selection- some Orangutans hanging out out at Singapore Zoo, April, 2011.



“..and a couple of Tarsiers from Bohol, Philippines taken June 2011.”




  1. Saffron says:

    I need a tarsier on a stick in my life right now. Those prosh leetle fingers have rendered me DED.

  2. Rachael says:

    After dogs, orangs are my favoritest critter on earth. It will be a miracle if I’m able to wipe this big silly grin off my face any time soon.🙂

  3. vulfhild says:

    Don’t buy products with palm oil. folks. That’s why Orangs are so endangered.

  4. Those are great photos!

  5. Ack! the Gollum fingerses!


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