The Prime Rule Of Cuteness, Part II

In the Friday post mentioning Rule Of Cuteness #1: Putting A Paw Up Is Cute, we forgot to add this shot of Tenzing The Red Panda at the SF Zoo. C.O. regrets the omission. Photo by The Furrtographer.



  1. Isn’t “being a red panda” in and of itself a Rule of Cuteness?

  2. You beat me to it, TinaK. I was going to say that THE Prime Rule of Cuteness is “Be a red panda.” I know all animals have cute potential, and it’s so hard to compare cuteness, but I’m starting to think it just may be safe to state as a matter of objective fact, that red pandas are the cutest of all. No need to qualify it with an “IMO.” (Unless, of course, others disagree.)