The Bear Man Of Finland

Who’s a BIG HUGE BROWN BEAR? Who is? YOU are! (Oh, and…so are YOU!)

Meet Sulo Karjalainen, the Bear Man Of Finland. He and his brother run the Kuusamo Large Carnivore Centre, and they’ve got 4 more bears just like these guys.

As seen on MSN UK Video.



  1. Sharon Wilson says:

    It’s a bit disturbing to see the bear knock the head off the snowman…

  2. I thought it looked like Sulo had put food in the snowman and that’s what the bear went for?

  3. A Northern European person says:

    I wish he’d become a celebrity here, speaking against bear phobia and useless bear hunting, reminding us of our bear mythology, the bear business in our folklore, our peaceful bear life in the past and all thing bear and natural and Finnish. This guy is both a scholar and an animal rights activist. It pretty much touched me that he’s still living up north at his family farm with the bears and not moved down south where the action of this country is.

    I think this same guy and one of his bears were in a documentary film called “Miesten vuoro”, translates ‘Men’s turn’: it’s about Finnish sauna culture, sauna being a sort of neutral or liminal space or sacred place where you can sit in silence or quietly discuss your issues outside your social role; the director has filmed ‘men’s turn’ and it’s men’s turn to speak their mind and heart; there are mostly older men, not so talkative but very hard working in their everyday life, and in the sauna they finally start talking, about wartime traumas, divorces, of how much they love someone, how they felt when they saw their newborn baby… And then there is this one guy who is sitting in a garden table outside his sauna and this huge bear walks by and stops to play with the table, ending up completely destroying it, and the guy is all smiles and “oh, you… oh well…” like this was something normal – and for them it is.

  4. A Northern European person says:

    Turned out the sauna/bear document exists in English, and instead of ‘men’s turn’ it’s title is translated The steam of life.

  5. so cute

  6. The Original Jane says:

    After scrolling down the CO main page I keep thinking they mixed up the title of this photo and the one below it. 😉