“Winston the Basenji meets a new friend at Golden Gate Park. Both survived the encounter just fine.” -Chris H.



  1. zolabunny says:

    It’s a Pocket Gopher! I lived across the street from the Panhandle in SF and these little guys would pop up next to our blanket when ever we’d go over for a picnic :0

  2. Shelley says:

    Gopher guy is all oh-noes…

  3. Ha, is that gopher doing a Mr Bill?

  4. Raymond says:

    I think more animals should have pockets, like these little gophers. I like to watch them: They sneak up on weeds, pack them into their pockets until full, return underground to unload the food, then come back to expertly re-seal their tunnel. Excellent critters.

  5. HOW is it I never before noticed the “Impending D–oh, never mind” tag???

  6. Eris D. says:

    The forehead wrinkles!! *falls over ded*

  7. araminty says:

    Yay basenji! We live in the Bay Area with our two, and their favourite place to see pocket gophers is Point Isabelle, the best dog park ever! They also like to chase the ground squirrels at Ed Levin park in Milpitas.