Actually, I’m Holding This DOWN

Ever haz one of those days where all you wanna do is go home and flop down on the nearest couch deck railing?

unnamed (1)
“After a long morning of stealing birdseed from the neighborhood sparrows and doves, this little guy went offline on the deck railing to recharge. Photo credit to my brother Mark.” -Aiden F.



  1. SOOOOOoo Adorable 🙂

  2. Tony James says:

    “Ladies and gentlemen, owing to regularly-scheduled weekend maintenance the Monorail Cat Service on the Q(te) line has been replaced with a MonoSquizzel. Thank you for riding with MTA, New York Kitty Transit. Stand clear of the closing claws, please.”

  3. @Tony: And please….Mind the gap.

  4. 260Oakley says:

    @jnyjny: Or in this case… Mind the nap.

  5. Mono rail skwerl!

    Speaking of, don’t we need a mono rail/dangler post with various anipals soon? 😛