Caturday: Oh, Poo

There’s a reason for that headline.

(Jane N. explains:) “We call Poo “destructo-kitty” as he takes it upon himself to systematically demolish all shoe boxes within his reach. He just sits there and rips the cardboard, flinging them all over the place. I especially like the peek-a-boo tongue action- he’s definitely not sorry and is very cheeky. Side note: Yes, his name is Poo. The first time I got him, he pooped in my hand. The name stuck and he’s lived up to his name!”






  1. DillPig says:

    GAH!! Clearly this situation calls for the PEEK-A-BOO TONGUE-HANCE!!!

  2. @DillPig——DONE!

  3. Tim McDaniel says:

    You mean “Beak-a-Poo”.

  4. weaselwardancer says:

    Hey! This picture just made me realize something. The last 3 cats I’ve had, including my current 13 yo, DO NOT do the tongue thing. Not even an accidental when interrupted mid-lick. Wonder why.

  5. Yep, cardboard shredder household here too. It’s a thing it seems!

  6. 😆 Typical naughty kitty is that Poo 😆