Caturday Dinner: The Domino’s® Guy…

[…rang my doorbell and gave the hoomin THIS. Hoomin handed him some green paper and metal things, whatever. Traded us Fud for paper and metal. Stupid hoomin. So now, what would Garfield do? Wait, he’s a lasagna guy. OK, it’s up to me. I’ll eat it. All of it. I haz the growls in belleh.]

“It’s my sweetie Charlotte, eyeing our dinner.” -Rachel V-S.



  1. Malinki says:

    I call Shenannigans.
    Nobody actually eats Domino’s 🙂

  2. christinajavete says:

    So cute! And the pizza looks so good!!

  3. You can follow her on instagram @mscharlottelechat 🙂

  4. My cat used to love chewing on pizza crusts, just a couple of nibbles to get a taste.

  5. Charlotte says “any anchovies this time?” What a cutie!

  6. Night Owl says:

    Is that another cat (in the background)? How about Charlotte shares the pizza with her/him.

  7. SlaveToCat says:

    They always ruin the meat lovers pizza by cooking it. yak hack cough.

  8. AWW 😀 Your sweetie, Charlotte, is eyeing your dinner because she thinks you should give her some, Rachel V-S. 😀

  9. Sabreur says:

    Excellent use of the “Impending Doom” tag!