I Want This BAMBOO

[And I want it NOW!]




  1. Adorable!

  2. I was half expecting the bamboo to sproing back there at the end, and catapult the bebeh!

  3. I’ll help you! (and so will ever other COer, so watch out for the stampeeeeeede!!

  4. Jodi, I’m not sure the bamboo would stand up to Mr. Chubby’s weight! It does make me wonder about the airspeed velocity of a young panda.

    I have always thought that the only thing needed to make Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon a completely perfect movie would have been a panda in the bamboo forest during one of the big fight scenes. Now I know I’m right. And it needs to be a baby.

  5. Why do kids always play with their food?

  6. This is why everyone needs a panda. World peace would finally be achieved.

  7. Determinashions. I haz it.