You were only waiting for this moment to arise!

Header and deck by Lennon/McCartney. Submitted by Cuteporter K.C., who adds “And definitely a Men of C.O. Calendar candidate!”



  1. Seriously?

    That is adorable.

  2. “Now play Free bird!”

  3. SO lovely! How about 2 calendars: one print, one video.
    This one should really be preserved to watch over and
    over and over and….

  4. Oh my.

  5. Copperbat says:

    Dawwww. That little kiss at the end. ❤

  6. @Juan,

    Play some Skynard!!

  7. A “Men of C.O.” calendar?!!! I think that would be a hot item!

  8. What’s the story here? Did some random bird drop in for a concert; is the bird a pet? Whatever, it’s a sweet video.

  9. Tinychih says:

    Oh my Lord…this man is “Hottie Overload”…(says the usually well-behaved, very married lady…cough, cough)

  10. Beautiful!

  11. “I is helping!”

  12. How do these things happen? I am glad that they do happen but I want to know how!
    Another co fan waiting (im)patiently for the men of co calendar.

  13. 260Oakley says:

    Isn’t it crowmantic?

  14. This was so cute. Now play “I am the Walrus” and let’s see who shows up to sit on your guitar!

  15. phred's mom says:

    I’m with you, Amyliz. When in tunket is that
    calendar going to materialize?!?!? Long

  16. Sandi Lee says:

    The hoomin is a hunk … and the “blackbird” is darling! We need more of this interaction! I’m all for a “men of CO” calendar as long as they’re shown lovin’ dem aminalz. Love CO … it’s my guarantee smile each day.

  17. The bird is black, but it is a rook, not a blackbird. Male blackbirds have a yellow ring around their eyes and the female blackbirds are dark brown. Blackbirds do sing beautifully, as the song says, but rooks are like our crows and do not sing…they caw or squawk. You can look it up. Rooks are very smart and clever, but they aren’t blackbirds.

  18. Thanks for the clarification on the type of bird, Betsy, but did you even notice the MALE HUMAN HOTTIE in the video? hee hee hee Let’s roll that wonderful black—Rook bird footage again.