Turtle Matchingks

[Yeah, I got a tat of me on my stomach. I don’t know how it happened, either. I mean, it was late one night, me and the guys were out on the town, we stopped in this place, you know the story. Cool, huh?]

From Jaime H. as seen on Litbloc.com.



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  2. Note that perfect teardrop shape in the middle! So cute 🙂 X Sofie

  3. Just remember to flip him back over as soon as possible! Turtles can’t breathe well when they’re flipped over.

  4. Hannah Mangold says:

    I’m in 4th grade we did a report on turtles and tortoise’s. You have the cutest one over all

  5. Rhonda B. says:

    So tiny and cute! Love that little tail!

  6. oneskunktodd says:

    Sofie, I was thinking it was an ace of spades surrounded by flying hearts. 🙂

  7. The leetle tucked-up hind legs and feets!
    My day is complete.