San Diego Hummers!

This Needle-Nosed Pocket Rockets zoom here and there at the speed of sound, so when ya get an Up Close & Personal peek at ’em, ya better have your camera ready- and George M. did.

v6mW0US - Imgur
“Hiked up Stonewall Peak (east of San Diego) this past Sunday and stopped to take a photo of some nice flowers.”

dDOq6qS - Imgur
“I was busy composing a closeup shot of the flowers when I heard a rumbling that got louder and louder to the point where it freaked me out a bit.”

Q1XjsNo - Imgur
“I pulled the camera away, looked over and realized a hummingbird was hovering about three feet to the right of my head (the rumbling was the bird’s wings flapping to hover.)”

n2ppX1n - Imgur
“I (slowly) backed up and saw there was a family of 4 of them in the area and they started feeding on the flowers I had been taking photos of, so I backed up some more to give them some room and snapped some photos (400mm lens, so it looks closer than it was.)”

BxDFaMN - Imgur
“They stuck around for about 15 minutes feeding on the flowers, which surprised me because I’ve never seen a hummingbird that didn’t dart off straight away around a random human.”

V9qroIx - Imgur
“They were clearly keeping a bit of an eye on me but didn’t seem too bothered by my presence.”

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  1. Loren Pechtel says:

    In my experience (suburban area) they aren’t that skittish around humans. I got a looking over from one a couple of days ago at about 5′ range (admittedly ~10′ off the ground–I was on a ladder.) I was wearing a red shirt and in a tree but I don’t really think I look like a flower and there were no flowers around. I was picking yellow-green plums, they didn’t look flowerish, either.

  2. Rachael says:

    What a great experience for George M! And thank you for sharing with us.

  3. Sharon Wilson says:

    I was on a plant walk once and a hummer was scolding us for being too close to “his” flower bush!

  4. whawhawhatsis says:

    When I used to live in L.A., I had a birds of paradise plant right outside my door, and I’d sit just inside the door and watch the hummingbirds come feed on it. I never tried to be quiet or still, so apparently they found my presence perfectly okay. Although perhaps the layer of glass between us helped? Anyway, I still miss having them visit me so often now that I live where they seldom visit.

  5. I love hummingbirds and the pictures are wonderful! Thanks for sharing them with us!

  6. Such a lovely boid.

  7. Lovely Overload! The wild penstemons and the hummingbirds both beautiful.

  8. Mary (the first) says:

    I went out to water my hanging baskets yesterday (“trailing petunia”, hot pink and purple ones) and suddenly a hummer was right there next to me flitting around. He wasn’t more than 3 feet away. He didn’t seem bothered by me. I hope he lives nearby and will be around for the summer or more! (And by he, I mean “he or she”. I have no idea.)