Kitteh To Go

“Hello, Three Brothers From China? Let’s see, we’ll have some Kung Pao Prawns..Shrimp Chow Fun..the Oyster Sauce Beef, and, er…(scanning menu)…yes! Some Celeste. A side order of Celeste. No, wait- we’ll take the ENTIRE kitteh. Just bag ‘er up, K? How long of a wait?”

photo 2
“Thank you for featuring my (then-kitten) cat Celeste on your wonderful site! She loves the attention. I thought you might enjoy a picture of her in a takeout bag, which is essentially her favorite toy. Pictures taken by Alex, her other doting human.” -Tiffany H.



  1. Amazing eyes!

  2. WaldenPond says:

    Man o’ man, I would happily take the Vegetable Deluxe for $6.95 with a full order of Celeste right now, but sadly I don’t think they deliver to Canada… *sigh* Will have to settle with Swiss Chalet.. and my own wack-a-doodle eyed puddish.

  3. AWW 😀 Your (then-kitten) cat Celeste is very beautiful, Alex, her other doting human and Tiffany H. her other doting human 😀

  4. Hannah Mangold says:


  5. DaChickenLady says:

    Three Brothers from China??? That’s five minutes from my home! Does that mean Celeste is near me, too?