Ever Wondered What Teddy Bear Looked Like…

…as a bebeh? This little critter doesn’t have TB’s vocal chops just yet, but he knows how to work that bottle!




  1. kibblenibble says:

    The little blissed-out half closed eyes while drinking the meelks…awww! Porcupette says, “Thank you, nice lady. That was delicious.”

  2. Kristin says:

    Kibblenibble – the half-closed blissful eyes got me, too. That and the dainty, slightly raised paw. So cute!

  3. 260Oakley says:

    Bet the bebeh would like some porcupettits fours to dunk in his cold meelks.

  4. yulyndi says:

    aww, such a sweet little thing, with good manners too!

  5. Oh. My. God.

  6. Such a cutie! Too polite and blissed for words…