Rump Day

Middle of the week, and that means Rump Day! This is Iker Catsillas Purnandez. Cuteporter FB says: “He is named after the captain of Real Madrid football team and the Spanish National Football Team. He snores like an old man, is afraid of everyone and everything and loves to lounge about, as you can see. He even does yoga!”

“Iker is a rescue; his previous owners left him in a cardboard box outside the local humane society in the middle of the night in a November blizzard. 😦 They apparently cared enough to neuter him, but when they found out he was diabetic and would require special care (i.e. insulin,) they abandoned him. Their loss, definitely my gain!”



  1. Sharon Wilson says:

    White kitty paaants!

  2. Saffron says:

    Such a wonderful resqte story!
    And excellent tocks splayage. 🙂

    Is kitteh watching The Artful Detective?

  3. AWW 😀 I hope you have many long and happy years with your dear sweet kitty, Iker Catsillas Purnandez, Cuteporter FB 😀

  4. What Sharon Wilson said! I love the black tail against the white pants.

  5. Oh, and he watches Detective Murdoch!

  6. Clairdelune says:

    Wonderful rump 🙂 Yes Berg, the black tail against the white kitty pants is simply lovely. Such classic spectator look, yes? And Iker is so classy he even watches Inspector Murdoch, my absolute favorite! Cuteporter FB, you certainly did a smart thing when you rescued him. Hope his diabetes is under control. Wishing you many happy years together!!

  7. Does it get any better than pussycats and Canadian period television drama???!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!

    Don’t bother answering, the only answer is no – as noted by Clairdelune and jerzowa.

  8. The Original Jane says:

    Murdoch Mysteries from Acorn Media in Canada. AWESOME show! We have to wait and get the DVD’s a year late here in the states from our local library. However I believe Netflix has the series. Murdoch is yummy!

  9. Great taste is TV. Traditional white ballet leggings. Cool Cat! Original Jane, Ovation network is showing the Murdoch Mysteries under the name “Artful Detective”.

  10. White pantaloooooonnnsss!!!! He’s adoraoble.

  11. Pantaloons! Added the tag.

  12. The Original Jane says:

    @ Vixx, I looked and we don’t get Ovation channel with the cable package we chose. Thanks for the info. though, maybe some others can use it. I wonder why they changed the name of the program. Seems confusing.

  13. black widow says:

    thank you all! i love my handsome little boy so, so much — he is my absolute pride and joy. ❤ luckily, his diabetes is fully under control now, thanks to a special diet. (PS: i'm delighted to see so many others share my murdoch obsession!)

  14. anonymous coward says:


    murdoch mysteries is shown in the us?
    is it only on specialty channels or is it on one of the major networks?

    @black widow: you can control your furry boy’s diabeetus 😉 with just a diet?
    no medication whatsoever? truly curious, here. not having to deal with
    such a situation, but it’s always good info to know. oh, and good on you for
    taking him in. tonnes of brownie points for you!

  15. Black Widow, when you have a moment, and when the princling stands up, could you take another photo? I’m fascinated to know what those white pantaloons look like from a standing posish. Any one else curious?

  16. The Original Jane says:

    @anonymous coward – we get OPB (Oregon Public Broadcasting) and BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) but neither of them show Murdoch. 😦 Vixx says the Ovation channel shows it under the name “Artful Detective”. The Ovation channel is part of cable bundling packages. We have a basic cable package with Comcast and it does not include the Ovation channel. We’d have to upgrade to a specialty package to get it. So if you are asking about the major networks like NBC, CBS and ABC, no they don’t show Murdoch.

    Can you ask your local library to purchase the series or do you subscribe to Netflix?

  17. Beautimous pantaloons! (Amazon Instant Video has Inspector Murdoch, and it’s free if you have Prime.)

  18. anonymous coward says:

    @original jane:

    i was not aware that murdoch mysteries was broadcasted outside of canada, esp. in the us.
    ‘was just curious to know how visible/available it is to television audiences south of the border.

    i don’t need to go to a library or use services like netflix to see it, as it is broadcasted on two
    (competing) network where i live (cbc & city-tv). one does not even need cable to watch
    the exploits of the 19th century toronto constabulary!

  19. black widow says:

    @anonymous coward — i feed him DM dietetic management. he gets 1/4 can every 4 hours so i can keep his blood sugar stable (i feed him 1/4 cup of dry food before i go to bed to cover the overnight munchies). he was on insulin when he was in his foster home, but once his foster mum put him on this food, he lost some weight and no longer needed it. he’s been on it about 18 months now (i’ve had him 13 months) and i get his fructosamine levels checked every 3 months and so far, they have been perfect. 🙂 no medication whatsoever. (if anyone is interested, more the food is here:

    @vanessa bennett — i have a whole gallery of photos of him on flickr, but i don’t know what the policy is, or if i’m allowed to link to it here or not?

  20. Oh Black Widow maybe you can just post a link in this comments section. I wanna see stand-up white pantaloons!

  21. Watching Murdoch Mysteries too, its a very good show, one of our favs, I wonder if one of Georges Aunties had a cat?

  22. Saffron says:

    @black widow, I am sooo happy Iker is doing well! ❤ ❤ ❤ He is clearly responding well to the love. ❤ ❤

    Yep, Murdoch is shown here in the US on Ovation as The Artful Detective. GREAT show!

  23. Wisty Cruz says:

    Having met the lovely Iker, I can only add he is a doll and is a poster kitty of adorable.

  24. Good for you, FB! rescuing a cat with “issues”. I think it’s quite funny that so many of us recognize the show on the TV in a picture about a cat! I really like MM/AD and didn’t know anyone else was watching. Okay, of course more people had to be watching, otherwise why would they continue to air it, but still… Are the cat and it’s owner in Spain? Does that mean they are showing MM/AD in Spain too? Or is the owner just from Spain (thus the love of Spanish Football teams)?

  25. I *think* you can get the Artful Detective on Netflix. I know my sister has watched them, and I’m pretty sure we don’t have Ovation (although I could be wrong).

    And I love Catsillas’ kittypants!

  26. black widow says:

    @gekko — i’m neither spanish nor live in spain, i just really enjoy spanish football. 🙂 no clue if they show murdoch there or not.

    thanks again for all the love! i told my little man he was a burgeoning internet superstar but he was rather nonplussed — i think he reckons it is simply his due. 😉

  27. Michelle w says:

    What do mean he is afraid of everybody? He loves me haha. you have to love a cat in a tuxedo watching period drama!

  28. Mingles' Mommy says:

    Happy ending! 🙂 (And obviously a very happy kitty!)

  29. Shaz aka Sharon says:

    Mmm…Yannick Bisson…

    (And adorable kitty!)