Rock On, Millie!

We’ve seen kittehs do lots of things, but rock climbing might just be the topper. This hoomin is Craig Armstrong, who adopted Millie from Friends Of Animals Utah in Park City. Now she accompanies him on all sorts of climbing adventures with her very own climbing gear.

Quoting, Armstrong writes “We went into a tiny room to have a chat together away from all the other noisy campers. She climbed up my back and sat on my shoulders. It took about four seconds to realize we were now partners and would be going on many journeys together.”

“Our first climbing adventure together was in Joe’s Valley, bouldering. She was really tiny and had a tendency to jump on people and climb up to their shoulders. She did that to a few pretty girls, which showed me she loves me.”

“Since then, we’ve been to Moe’s Valley, Indian Creek, Ferguson Canyon, Eastern Reef in The Swell, Stansbury Island many times, to Moab towers, slot canyons, and other places I’m forgetting.”

“Millie has all the qualities a good climbing partner should have. She never complains, no matter how bad it gets. She always wants to go higher, and she pushes herself hard. But she also knows when to stop. When she’s done, she’s done. She’ll find a cave or climb a tree and won’t move until she’s rested.”

“She gets psyched when the bags come out on Thursday night and we get ready for the weekend.”

“She’s become more chill around camp and doesn’t wander off as much; she stays near and chases bees and lizards.”

Quotes from Photos from 123 Inspiration and HuffPo.



  1. Athena's Mom says:

    WHAT A GOOD KITTEH!!! I love it when cats are shown enjoying adventures. And I love kitties with fluffy pants. Just be careful on those climbs Millie!!! 😦

  2. SharonK1973 says:

    A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Great story ,very inspiring.

  3. Rhonda B. says:

    Message for Craig:I noticed Mille didn’t have a harness on in some of the shots where she is climbing. It sounds like she enjoys climbing but I am worried she might fall.

  4. AWW 😀 I hope you have many long and happy years with your dear sweet kitty, Millie, Craig Armstrong 😀 I second that about those climbs, Athena’s Mom!

  5. Saffron says:

    What a WONDERFUL story. Such a beautiful kitteh.

  6. Beautiful 🐾🐾

  7. Did you see that patch of white belleh floof? It’s gorgeous! I’d go in and snorgle eet but I’m a leetle afraids of heights.

  8. Mingles' Mommy says:

    That’s a pretty amazing cat. Mine won’t even go from one room to another to get fed; half the time he expects me to carry him. (Which I do, because he has a thyroid problem and is supposed to eat. But GAD.)

  9. Tagatha says:

    What a magnificent kitty companion!

  10. I am feeling so jealous of this guy!

  11. Another candidate for the Men of CO calendar. I love, love, love that they hike and climb together!

  12. Maybe she was a hiker in her past life?These photos are amazing!

  13. Great story, great kitty, great Man of CO contestant!

  14. What an awesome cat! I’ve been working on leash and carrier training, but my cat is very leery of even going outdoors! But I hope to get him on the trail one of these days, and your story about Millie is very inspiring. LOVE the photos!

  15. Clairdelune says:

    OK, I appreciate that the hoomin climber loves the kitty, and maybe I’m out of tune with the world, but frankly it scared me silly to see that beautiful kitteh in such dangerous situations. She is on a leash in one picture, my first thought was that if she slips and falls, she will be strangled. How about getting lost in a hole or falling off a cliff??? I could not bear to see my kitteh in that environment. I hope she survives her adventures.

  16. Im not sure what’s more beautiful, that photography or that kitty?

  17. Copperbat says:

    Gorgeous photos, wow. I love that she’s active and athletic, not stuck in three rooms staring out the windows her whole life. A cat’s anatomy is built for this type of sport. If left to their own devices, this is exactly the kind of adventure most cats might seek out themselves. Oh and Clair, she’s wearing a harness in the photos, not a collar. No danger of stranglulation.

  18. Rhonda B., I saw and thought the same thing. In the picture where she is climbing high and by herself…no harness, no safety line. Scares me for her.

  19. OllieFee says:

    This kitty is in kitty heaven – climbing, exploring, with her hoomin nearby. Great pics.

  20. Love seeing stories about adventurous kitties like Millie! Not all cats are temperamentally suited for this, but I’ve had two cats in my life who loved travel and adventure. One climbed Franconia Notch in Hew Hampshire with me many years ago; the other traveled all over California and the West with us. Even a few months before her death, at the ripe old age of 18, she was thrilled to go on a car trip and inspect a new motel room. BTW, Millie is wearing a harness; she won’t strangle if she slips and falls.

  21. Ermagehrd!! The pic of him holding her aloft on Devil’s Golf Ball!!! (original article)

  22. Laura DragonWench says:

    Craig, please marry me! Millie can jump on my shoulders any time! 🙂

  23. What an awesome cat (and owner)! Looks like a lot more fun than climbing up the couch 🙂