Maymo & Penny’s Self-Defense Video

As a puppeh, sometimes, you find yourself in a sticky situation and you need to defend yourself. It happens! Here, Maymo and Penny show you how it’s done, with various moves such as (but not limited to):




And don’t forget…


Wait. What?



  1. For much of that the look on Penny’s face is all: “Mama and Dada, this puppeh has lost his mind! Help me!”

  2. Blue Footed Booby says:

    I talked to a guy on the net who said he avoided being robbed by dropping to the ground, rolling around, flailing his limbs, and shouting gibberish. Robber gave up and went to find saner victims.

  3. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Derrrrrp accidentally hit send before typing the last sentence of my post: So I guess pretending to be really crazy is a viable plan B. :V

  4. Rachael says:

    I love those two!!! The rump toss will always be my favorite move but seeing them with their arms around each other at the end pretty much melted me. 🙂

  5. Is there some canine equivalent of catnip? Because I think these two have had a serious hit of it . . .

    Lurrrve me some crazy beagles. “Psycho mouth”–yeah, I’ve seen that a thousand times. *RAWWWR* teeth!

  6. gerdiemonster says:

    i knew my mutt was part beagle! the rump slam roll is a staple move in our house. except she does it to me. and she’s 65 lbs. sigh.

  7. Sharon Wilson says:

    Oh, oh, oh, oh, look at that couch!

  8. Msdove-thejrtlady says:

    Yikes! I think Maymo needs to stop giving Penny so many treats. Did not like seeing the ‘Plus Size Penny :(. Still love these two wackadoodle beagles!

  9. OMG beagle madness! I love it! I love them!