That Didn’t Go Quite As Planned

Leeck Leeck Leeck Leeck Whoops.




  1. Rachael says:

    The expression on the licker’s face is priceless!! “Hey, we’re in the middle of something here. I’m not here to play games.”

  2. “Hey, where’d you go?”

  3. kitkatCC says:


  4. murkle46 says:

    That was the most sincere”Thunk!” Ive heard.

  5. annette says:

    1. This is hilarious.
    2. The licker is gorgeous!

  6. Stressfactor says:

    I also love how unconcerned the ‘licker’ is about the ‘lickee’. It’s like “Eh, whatever.”

  7. Saffron says:

    I hope kittayn is OK. I have a tabbeh that fella as a kittayn and fractured his hip (he is fine now) so I feels sad. 😦

  8. I’m with @murkle46, that thunk was impressive! Poor kitteh!

  9. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Reminds of that video a while back of the guy on the nature preserve whose job is evidently to cuddle lions. A momma lioness was proudly presenting her babies to him by licking by butt over teakettle right out the door of the artificial den.

  10. marthava says:

    I can’t stop watching it over and over and laughing hysterically over and over. Help me!! PLEASE!!

  11. AWW 🙂 I hope the little kitty is okay after this 🙂

  12. There was no laughing! Not even a snork!

  13. Awwwww. 🙂

  14. That didn’t go quite as planned… or did it??? Mwahahahah! The table now is mine, mine, all mine!!!

  15. You can almost see the ‘whoops’ look on the cat’s face. He even peers over to see what happened.