Moe Knows Jenga

Yesterday, we saw Louie The Cat and his game with pencils. Today, Moe The Cat gives us his best shot, with a game that looks impossibly hard. But not for Moe!




  1. Awww smart kitty! And c’mon, haven’t we all wanted to end a game of Jenga that way at some time or another?

  2. I liked near the beginning, “Dude, stop pussy footing around and just yank it out!”

  3. Transpogue says:

    Yeah, that’s a cat who is OVER it at the end. “THIS PIECE RIGHT HERE GOES BOOM NAO.”

  4. Kitteh shows his boredom with this game at the end.

  5. He’s better than me at this game.

  6. 😆 Looks like Moe The Cat just LOVES to play Jenga 😆