Behold, The Bacon Realization Face

“This is my dog Lulu. We were at a cafe and she was eyeing what everybody had. This was taken as she realized my friend had bacon on her plate- Lulu did a double take and you can really see her wonky eye, which makes this even more adorable. I call this her Bacon Realization Face.” -Max.




  1. I look like that when I see cookies.

  2. Hehe! I am a vegetarian but I would order bacon just to give it to Lulu!

  3. What a cute little Puppia!

  4. Slippers says:

    She is adorable!!

  5. love it……..she is very cute

  6. I can’t stand the suspence: Did your friend share???
    *frying up some bacon just in case*

  7. Der’s bacon?? 🙂

  8. everybody winds up sharing with Lulu! it’s hard to resist the wonky eye!

    she’s got a facebook page too!

  9. I think eye’ll just wander over and check it out!