THIS JUST IN: Happy (Early) Seventh Birthday, Maru!

Tomorrow’s the official date here in the US- but it’s already Girth Boy’s BD in Japan! We’ll have a big tribute tomorrow, but ’til then, check out this BRAND NEW video from Mugumogu, just in moments ago!



  1. Happy Birthday Maruuuuuu :3

  2. Hanglyman says:

    Is this the first time a Maru video has used music? It’s an interesting contrast to the usual silent, barren neatscape he inhabits. But with or without a musical accompaniment, Maru is beloved by all!

  3. Maru. Ladder. ‘Nuf said.

  4. Starfish says:

    Happy birthday to His Roundness. May be have just as much fun with his gifts as he will with the boxes they come in.

  5. @Andrew thanks for the image URL

  6. What a Maru…

  7. yulyndi says:

    @Hanglyman, I have noticed a couple of other Maru videos that have had music added to them after they debuted. Happy, Happy Birthday Maru – you have brought us much amusement and smiles! Thank you mugumogu, for introducing this wonderful feline to us.

  8. OMG when he put himself in the drawer, I totally lost it. Then came the ladder!

    Of all the cats on the planet who aren’t my cats, I love these two the most.

  9. Aww, birthday kisses and a tackle from Hanna for Maru. My favorite part though was probably watching him back down from the ladder. Amazingks.

  10. My favorite parts are the kisses and the sunbathing. I hope that Maru has a happy birthday.

  11. The. Best. Maru. Vid. EVAR! Thank you, Mugumogu, for sharing Maru and Hana with an adoring world. Happiest Birthday, Maru!!

  12. AWW 😀 Happy Birthday, Maru, and many, many more to come 😀

  13. Cynthia M says:

    Happy Birthday, big boy! 😀

  14. Moonstar says:

    Is he 3, 4, or 7? I’ve seen all three numbers for this birthday alone! Either way, lots of boxes to maru!

  15. Happy birthday, little feller. 🙂

  16. Robert Moffatt says:

    Mmmm….I thought I saw a speck of dirt under the couch. I must be mistaken. I love Maru.

  17. tracyg36 says:

    Maru is so fab and totally unflappable when things don’t go his way. “Yeah, I was totes planning to do this” with the cat tree and the ladder were my faves… until Hannah popped up, tackled him and then gave him a new hairdo. But it ended with Maru having a sunbeam. As he should. Happy birthday, boyo!

  18. Iris Wojtowicz says:

    He is such a happy and playful cat. Respect to his hoomin for making his life wonderful

  19. Blanche says:

    What a wonderful life to live with Maru!
    Happy Birthday!

  20. Sharon Wilson says:

    At least Maru knows not to climb to the last rung of the ladder!

  21. Happy birthday, big guy! I hope it is chock full of boxes.

  22. mplsdeb says:

    Oh my goodness…the drawer..only Marus could do that. I love the end with Hannah giving him a bath.
    Who would think that a kitty in Japan could have fans from all over the world.