Goin’ Home To The Place That He Belongs

Dateline, Grass Valley, CA.: People, prep the Kleenex, you’re gonna need it.

Mr. G. The Goat and Jellybean The Burro were rescued after years of living together, but went to two different rescue places. Mr. G. missed Jellybean terribly.

So they were reunited.

Spotted by Smedley Angel Fish. More at KTVU.com. Like the song? It’s called “Home,” and it’s on The iTunes.



  1. prinsas says:

    kleenex restock necessary.

  2. Awww, that is lovely. Well done to the rescue peeps for going the extra mile and taking in Jellybean. 🙂

  3. “This video has content belonging to SME. Blah blah blah.” The video isn’t working.

  4. michelle says:

    Ah, this gets me in the feelies…

  5. @Nina H: what browser are you using? Works on this end using Chrome and Firefox.

  6. my goat a pygmy male used to push against the fence like that all the time, my guess he was either scratching himself or trying to find a weakness in the fence, lol, I heard donkeys make good pets. to bad people get animals and do not care for them. sad.

  7. Awwwwwwww 😀

  8. So glad they were both saved!

  9. And this is why I don’t eat meat, to see animals show emotion and relate to each other, how could one ever eat them. So glad these buddies can be together in a safe place.

  10. sarareina84 says:

    “Finally! They kept saying we couldn’t be seated until the entire party was present!”

  11. 6ToedCatsRule says:

    Sniffle, my ipad appears to be fogging over. Must be something wrong with the update

  12. gerdiemonster says:

    ah mah gah, you guys are killing me today. that was unbelievably sweet and i’m crying now 😛

  13. You’re superstars Jeff McCracken and Animal Place! Bravo!!!

  14. doomchild says:

    Okay, I’m bawlin’ like a baby now. Just seeing how Mr. G waits for Jellybean to eat first, before he takes even a tiny nibble, although he hasn’t eated in 6 days… Such pure friendship!

  15. Raymond says:

    Sweet! But it looks like unrequited love to me. I want to hear whether Jellybean went on a hunger strike, or see him go over to scratch Mr. G’s back. Anyhow, I’m glad they’ve been reunited.

  16. I nominate the volunteer who drove 14 hours for the Men of CO calendar, sight unseen.

  17. Rachael says:

    I bet having Jellybean for a friend was the only thing that got Mr. G through his years of neglect/abuse. I’m so glad they can finally be together in such a caring place. Just makes my heart sing with joy to see stuff like this.

  18. Gah…made the mistake of watching at work this afternoon which led to concerned coworkers’ question, “are you ok? Why are you crying?”

  19. I knew horses and goats could be BFF and horses would badly miss their goat friends if separated, but I didn’t realize goats missed them back! Awwww!

  20. Austin Starr says:

    great story! love animals. don’t eat them.

  21. Raymond, Jellybean may not have been depressed when they were separated, but to me he looked happy to see Mr. G.

  22. Right in the feels!

  23. That is a Lovely video. So very glad they got reunited… All is right with the world again….

  24. Mary (the first) says:

    Sniffle .. so sweet.

  25. Absolutely wonderful video…so glad the two of them were reunited…obviously was a special bond between the two of them.

  26. Harmony says:

    Awesome! And people say animals don’t have emotions. Total bs. They absolutely do. How do you explain this video or the videos of the joy animals display when seeing their human moms and dads when they return home from military service?