Frostie The Snow Goat UPDATE

Everybody, our first story on Frostie The Snowgoat nearly melted the C.O. servers at Lawrence Livermore Labs. So naturally, we’re gonna try and do it again. Please meet Frostie and his pal…wait for it..


[Several of you also wanted to know about Frostie’s rear hoofsters dragging on the ground. Kyle B. of Edgar’s Mission addresses that below. -Ed.]

Frostie and Penguin-3
“Many thanks for your concern for dear little Frostie. Protection of Frostie’s hooves is something that is foremost in our minds..”

Frostie and Penguin-2
“..and was one of the initial points we discussed with our veterinary team after Frostie’s mobility cart was fitted.”

Frostie and Penguin-4
“Hooves are much tougher than soft paws and at this stage we are reluctant to strap them or do anything that may discourage Frostie from trying to use them.”

Frostie and Penguin-5
“The use of the cart is intended to assist with the return of full functionality to Frostie’s hind limbs…”

Frostie and Penguin-6
“…and each instance that he spends short, monitored periods of time in his cart sees him flexing his fetlocks and using his legs more and more.”

Frostie and Penguin-7
“Perhaps this is something you cannot see from a photo or short video clip.”

Frostie and Penguin-8
“We agree that if the long term prognosis was for Frostie to never regain use of his limbs…”

Frostie and Penguin-9
“…and if they lacked sensation they should not touch the ground…”

Frostie and Penguin-10
“…but we are pleased to say that is not the case.”

Frostie and Penguin-11
“…If the little guy’s progress can be maintained at its current rate….”

Frostie and Penguin-12
“..we hope that little Frostie will be without his wheels in a very short time.”

Frostie and Penguin-13
“Once again many thanks for caring about this dear boy.”

Frostie and Penguin-14

Frostie and Penguin-15

Frostie and Penguin-16

Frostie and Penguin-17



  1. So it’s not so much a cart as training wheels. 🙂

  2. Sara Garrett says:

    Exactly! And it seems to be helping, so Yay!

  3. daisycam says:

    Training wheels! Good one, Nat!
    Thanks for the update, Brinke..

  4. Adorbs!

  5. gerdiemonster says:

    oh my goodness. you done me in

  6. Kerplunk…… absolute proshness! They are so stinkin’ adorable I just want to cuddle them both. Love the training wheels comment! Hopefully we will get to see another video as Frosty progresses! Those folks do good work!

  7. Ded.

  8. jlamusings says:

    much cute tongue action happenin’ too 🙂

  9. Jenny Islander says:

    I love it! It’s like a little ortho patient’s pushy-walkie, except it’s a pully-rollie!

  10. Thanks for this update! I love little Frostie!!

  11. Cindy Susi says:

    He is by far the most adorable little guy and it looks like he has a new buddy! Love hearing about his status and hope he progresses well. LOVE him!

  12. Clairdelune says:

    Now I am totally in love with goat bebbehs!!!

  13. Smartypants says:

    How great to get the scoop on Frostie’s ‘training wheels’ (perfect analogy, Nat) – thanks for checking this out Brinke!

    Those faces! Those leeps! (I think Penguin’s trying to do a ‘Pitt maneuver” on Frostie – yep, I watch too many episodes of Cops, LOL).

  14. Rachael says:

    Thank you so much for the update, Brinke! I was kinda worried (though I figured the peeps at the sanctuary knew what they were doing) but now I can relax. This totally makes my weekend. 🙂

  15. Oh, Penguin, you are a cheeky little devil, ain’t ya?

  16. We’ve got one more brand new video coming up at 8pm PT–no other website has run it, either. W00t!

  17. What a great little freeend he’s got himself there! Aww, everyone looks so happy.

  18. Omg the cuteness. What a wonderful update and cant wait to see the video. thank you