Crumpet Auditioning For New Star Wars Movie

It seems that the Crumpster heard there was a new Star Wars movie in production, and wanted to be cast as an Ewok. Well, make it so!

[That’s Star Trek, you dope. Star Wars is “May The Force Be With You.” -Ed.]

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From C. Byrne



  1. He could play the role of a “Chewy” mini me.

  2. Ewoks are from Star Wars. Tribbles are from Star Trek.

  3. Gah! Best birthday surprise ever! My adorable “dog” on Cute Overload!

  4. daisycam says:

    Emily, Happy Birthday. Crumpet (great name!) is a cutie!

  5. Yeah, you really shouldn’t call someone a dope when they are in fact correct. Ewoks really are from Star Wars.

  6. The “Make It So” reference is from Star Trek: The Next Generation