(Updated!) ResQte Of The Week II: Firemen Rescue Bebeh Ducksters

Second Canadian rescue today, eh? Let’s summarize. Five lil’ goslings came online Wednesday and were stuck on top of an elevator shaft in Edmonton.


Fire rescue was summoned, and they helped get ’em to safety. Quoting Global News: “‘Everything went off without a hitch,’ said Capt. Greg Holubowich with Edmonton Fire Rescue Services.”

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From Andrew Y., who has exhausted all of Japan’s Cute and is now moving on to Canada.


In a somewhat related video- see how the fine police officers of Eau Claire, Wisconsin help this duckster family to safety! From T.O.



  1. First one isn’t showing up for me 😛

  2. Yay for firefighters and police officers and all others who helped these little ones to safety! I did not see the rescue from the top of the elevator shaft, though–the video seemed to start after the bebehs had already been brought down. I’m not complaining, since it was still adorable, just pointing it out.

  3. @Andrew, working fine here when viewing thru Chrome. Try clearing your cache, or another browser.

  4. Ohh ok, as long as it works for other people it’s all good :3
    I get a “no hotlinking” message XD http://oi62.tinypic.com/jj1s40.jpg

  5. Is it just me, or are some animals starting to expect this behavior from humans? Look how casually the geese are crossing the street – “it’s all good, the humans will let us go first.”

  6. I am so proud of my city right now. *sniff* I was about to send this to you but obvy others beat me to it. 😉

  7. Agent99 says:

    Thanks, officer!!!! You are very kind.