Penny For Your Thoughts, Lil’ Fella

[O HAI, jus' crawlin' 'round here in Little Rock, Arkansas. Not much going on. Actually I was hoping to make it into a "Friday Haiku," but from the looks of the top-secret schedule, those are already done, right?]

[Correct. We like to work several days out. -Ed.]



“This guy is super adorable,” says submitter Amanda G.


  1. OMG! He reminds me of the little turtle in the old Merrie Melodies cartoon “The Good Egg”. How adorable!

  2. Wondering what kind and how big he will get when full grown!… What a cutie..

  3. Three toed box turtle, I think. Wiki tells me that their shells get up to 5″ in length.

  4. Ellen W. says:

    Is he a pet? Did they find him in their yard? He’s just so cute!

  5. Honorary haiku anyway:

    I guess the change in my pocket
    Wasn’t enough
    I’m like: forget you!

  6. Yup, he’s a box turtle. I found him in my yard doing my normal pre-mow sweep. I live next to a green space and a pond, so I always check the yard. I moved him over to non-lawn area to continue his merry way, lawnmower free, after his photo session.