Cute Overload



The always dependable RocketNews 24 stalker fan Andrew Y. shot us an email about a contest that looks a lot like something we would have invented. [If we’d, cough cough, thought of it. -Ed.]

Puri-Ketsu. Quoting RN24, “(It) is a combination of the Japanese words “puri-puri,” an expression which describes something juicy and plump, and “ketsu,” which is an informal way to say “buttocks.”

So what we here is a contest for, literally, juicy plump butts. OK.

It’s all to commemorate the release of a book by Maru The Shiba Inu.

(Two things. First, isn’t the name MARU already famous? And secondly, ya missed that story, Andy pal.)

Here’s the official contest site (in English)- it runs ’til May 25.