Frostie The Snow Goat: A Jolly Happy Soul

We’re used to Japan blowing the lid off The Cute, but just when you least expect it, here comes Edgar’s Mission from Down Undah to steal the show.

And steal it they DO; this is Frostie The Snow Goat! Good grief. Take it away, Kyle B.

“A couple of days ago a little goat arrived – Frostie The Snow Goat – who has joint navel disease which limits the use of his back legs because of a buildup of gunky stuff and swelling in the joints. We need to keep him active and actually lent him Leon Trotsky’s cart to get around in and it is working wonders.”

[NOTE 1: Watch for the tail wagging.]

[NOTE 2: Update 11:25am PT: More photos added!]









  1. How incredible and cute!! This just brought tears to my eyes…

  2. *sniff*… tears, what tears… my eyes are just leaking…

  3. That is one of the cutest, sweetest things I’ve ever seen.

  4. The goat is adorable. I want to hug it and kiss it and squeeze it and call it Frostie. I also nominated the dreadlocked guy for the Men of Cute Overload calendar.

  5. Clairdelune says:

    OK, am smiling and crying at the same time. What an adorable little thing, those cute squeaks, so bravely trying to get around. There must be a special place in heaven for those two people, and for anyone who gives love and comfort to all small creatures on this planet. They make me believe that there is some hope for humanity after all.

  6. @meaghan

    We’re already using the MOCO calendar to plan the MOCO calendar!

  7. Bettie Jean says:

    This video makes my heart smile. I would give up a lot to spend the afternoon playing with this little “kid.”

  8. Awwn the little baby goat shake at 2:00! ❤

  9. Vw-chan says:

    ::sends healing thoughts since she can’t send money:: Heal, cute little squeaker goat, heal!

  10. The tail wag, the little bleat, the shake…. I think I’m in lurv.

  11. this is literally one of the cutest animal videos i’ve ever seen, and i’m quite the connoisseur so that’s high praise.

  12. Smartypants says:

    Bebeh goat snout! Swoon…thud.

  13. Adorable handicapable goat + cute dreadlock guy = #WIN

  14. gerdiemonster says:

    sneeeeef. that was beautiful!

  15. So cute! You guys just need to put his legs in a higher position since his feet are touching the floor and it might hurt. ):

  16. i asked them about that very thing- they are working on a fix.

  17. Shaz aka Alaidh says:

    This post made my day. That is all.

  18. OMG that is so cute.. The tail wags thr little bleats the kisses the looks of love…totally adorable.

  19. What a cutie! 🙂

  20. damn onions!

  21. What a wonderful place!

  22. davincigrrrl says:

    Having appreciated Mr. Trotsky and his wheels, I think some praise is in order for the wise soul who designed this amazing little cart, which can be adjusted for different animals and throughout growth… very smart. Also: GO FROSTIE GO! He is totally sweet!!!

  23. Lavren Beeh says:

    Awwwh Beeh Beeh… I love you! Frostie Fan here…. sniff.

  24. Gabriele and Brinke, I was worried about the same thing! I loved the video and I love how get gets lots of kisses! However, I was concerned that his little feet dragged and it will cause sores/ abrasions, etc.

  25. daisycam says:

    Thanks, Brinke, for following up on Frostie’s back legs. Once his hind end is elevated, Frostie’s gonna take off!
    Would love to see update.

  26. Please keep us updated on Fosty’s progress!! I couldn’t stop wondering about him all day at work!!

  27. We’re ON it!

  28. A one way ticket to Australia, please. Frostie…be mine!

  29. Folks, a really great update coming up Friday morning, 6am PT. Don’t miss eet!!

  30. So glade to see the love given to these animals and hopefully more around the world. I see farm animals in a totally different way now. Thanks Pam and please let us know how these 3 , Peter Pan, Frostie and the lil pig are doing.