Anybuddy Wanna Snuggle?

These critters have the right idea! Find yer favorite stuffie buddy and plop right down! Preferably on your hoomin’s favorite chair, right?



Animals WITH Stuffed Animals. As seen on Lost At E-Minor.



  1. On your hoomin’s favorite chair? Nope! ON YOUR HOOMIN!!! That would be right way to snuggle with your snuggle buddy.

  2. This made my day. 🙂

  3. AWW 😀 I just LOVE one with the kitty and his/her teddy bear 😀

  4. mauderules says:

    Is there a Rule saying that if you can hug your own stuffie it’s cute, with extra points for a matching stuffie? And there’s also the possible link to the Rule about mimicking humans. These photos seem so cute as to be definitional.

  5. Maudrules…you rule! Also so cute!

  6. Love this….. OMG how sweet!

  7. gerdiemonster says:

    ah so that’s what an unmauled stuffie looks like (gerdie turns into cujo on any stuffie immediately, sigh)

  8. OMG …I love this …