Monty Matchingks

“Monty the puppeh and…his puppeh Monty. Thank you for your consideration! Photo by Steve H. AKA Dad.” -Tuesday Y.

[And hey! Today is….Tuesday! WHAT a coincidence! -Ed.]


Update! More Stuffie Hunkering Photos from Toozday.


photo 4

photo 1



  1. Monty is just the most adorable puppeh! He makes me smile.

  2. Agent99 says:

    This privileged puppeh looks just like one of the stuffed animals he is lucky enough to be cuddling with. Too adorbs!!!

  3. My parents’ dog Sadie has a lot of identical stuffed hedgehogs. We named them all Hector. She takes one with her pretty much everywhere she goes, and when they wear out we replace them.