Funny Cat (Тонкая Pябина)

We present a video about a kitteh snoring/sleeping with what sounds like some type of Russian accordion music in the background. (That, plus it’s fun to type a Russian word in the headline.)

From Sergey.



  1. JenDeyan says:

    What meow-sical purr-owess.

  2. Kitteh’s sing-song has just the right melancholic tone to for the accordeon. Musical matchingks! Are we sure it’s not an Argentinean tango tune?

  3. melissa says:

    but your title in russian doesn’t mean “funny cat”, which would be something more like “забавный кот”

    cat’s name must be something like Rowan, cuz Тонкая Pябина translates as “funny rowan”

  4. Saffron says:

    Now whenever I watch Dr. Zhivago my brain is going to add those kitteh sounds to the music. 😀

  5. dolphin815 says:

    C’mon, man, I’m almost asleep! Keep playing.

  6. Hee @JenDeyan!
    My favorite part is the little lip smacking at the very end.

  7. This isn’t a new video, but it’s honestly always been my favorite cat video to watch 🙂

  8. Hahaha…I met my boyfriend, an accordion player, playing fiddle in his klezmer band. I totally identify with this cat. Sleepy, content, but….accordion, but you love the hoomin, but…accordion…zzz.

  9. Eris D. says:

    Тонкая Pябина is the name of the Russian folk song being played on the accordion 🙂

  10. murkle46 says:

    Poor kitty needs his/her sleep.

  11. vulfhild says:

    “The Last Two Kibbles”
    My kitty can express her annoyance in a similar way without fully waking up.

  12. 😆 I just LOVE how the kitty will meow during the pause in the playing of the accordion 😆