THIS JUST IN: Stack O’ Flapjacks: The Video!

Last month, we showed you this Cute Little Dude, but there wasn’t any video.


Happy to say that is NOT a problem now. Monterey Bay Aquarium just released this moments ago.

P.S. The video says “You may know it better as the inspiration for the animated character Pearl in “Finding Nemo.”



  1. dgerish says:

    Who knew ear flaps could help you swim? What a gorgeous creature.

  2. It’s Blinky from “Pac-Man”!

  3. orcgirl says:

    “Aw, you made me ink!”

  4. SIng it with me! “I’d like to be/Under the sea/ In an octopus’s garden in the shade . . .” 😎

  5. dgerish says:

    I thought Pearl was the starfish living on the side of the aquarium?

  6. The starfish is named Peach.

  7. Laieanna says:

    I’m pretty sure this thing belongs in a Pokemon ball.

  8. Kind of blorpy and extremely cute.

  9. sabrina rose says:

    This is an adorable creature. I could watch him/her all day! And I’m exposing my ignorance here, but I’ve lived all my life without realizing that octopi have ear flaps. Or are those head fins?? A very, very lovely and mesmerizing swimmer!

  10. wascawywabbit says:

    The children were nestled all snug in their beds
    Cause watching this vid made them go effing braindead.

  11. Blue Footed Booby says:

    @sabrina rose
    Most octopuses don’t. It’s normally just a squid thing, but for whatever reason flapjack and dumbo octopuses have them.