Prosh Platypus Poll!

10273986_828069373880742_5431680539628009208_nWithout QUESH, one of THE single cutest little creatures to ever grace these pages. There’s so much to like here, it’s time for a poll!

“Don’t know if you follow Facebook but saw these and went OMG! C.O. would love these! Hugs and keep the smiles coming.” -Rahja M-C.


  1. Ellen W. says:

    I voted for the snuffly beekers, but my REAL answer is that they look so fuzzy-soft. Like velvet.

  2. I can’t choose, it’s the combination that does it for me.🙂

  3. Cutekotori says:

    They look like the softest velvet🙂

  4. Ditto on the combination.

  5. wascawywabbit says:

    other.. they are covered in velvet!

  6. They look so sooofffft . . . Ellen W., it would be tempting to rub them against your face to see if they feel as velvety as they look.

  7. dgerish says:

    I voted for beeks, but I still love my wombats.

  8. They look so squidgey! Five fingers five toes, squinty foldy eyes. gaaahhhhh *dies*

  9. Saffron says:

    The folds everyone! THE FOLDS.😀

  10. murkle46 says:

    The common name “platypus” is the latinisation of the Greek word πλατύπους (platupous), “flat-footed”,[7] from πλατύς (platus), “broad, wide, flat”[8] and πούς (pous), “foot”.

  11. Ellen W. says:

    MA- that is *exactly* how I want to pet them.

    I’m so glad I’m not the only one!

  12. Geek Insight: The Internal Google code name for “Google Drive” when it was in development, was “Platypus.”

  13. I love those little duck beaks and chose that but also the velvety fur does me in too.

  14. dgerish says:

    Brinke, I wish Google Drie had kept Platypus–would have made me use it more!

  15. Kristin says:

    I’m voting for all of the above, plus they are apparently the size of a person’s hand! Holy Moly! Tiny, velvety, squishy, foldy, beeky adorableness!

  16. meltinsmush says:

    The feetz! The feetz!

  17. If a pug and a duck had a baby, it would be a platypus.

  18. i too voted for their adorable little beaks but the velvet is what really gets me.

  19. Velvety fur!!!!!!

  20. Laura DragonWench says:

    Oh my gherkin! The feetsies! The beaks! The velvety folds! There’s just too much cute weirdness going on to survive this image! Gah!


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