Bunday Wash Cycle

I will wash my leeps, but not my face, ok I will wash my face, but not my paws, ok I will wash my paws, but NOT BEHIND MY EARS. OK I will wash behind my ears, but that’s ALL!

Via Kyle H.’s YouTube.



  1. Bunny tongue action alert!

  2. dgerish says:

    That’s some seriously potent QTE right there, bunbun.

  3. Adorable bun! What is that coloring called on a bun? I don’t think I’ve ever seen one marked like that… I’d call it calico if it were a cat.

  4. That tongue is killing me. Watching very small animals lick their lips is a pleasure I don’t know that I can share with anyone outside of CO …

  5. dgerish says:

    Simulflow, we share your pain (or pleasure).

  6. amazing ‘tocks shot starting at 2:06

  7. GAHHHH!!!! This video HAS IT ALL: bunny drinking, bathing, extreme nose-boop close up, slippy paws on tile!!
    I want to snorgle-kiss-cuddle-skwawk!!

  8. kiragirl says:

    check the box, now That’s a lot of fish fud!