Everyone Flocks To Japan

We’ve seen all kinds of specialized cafes in The Big J. Kittehs, of course. Owls, and even Penguins, too. Now Robb S. brings a “Small Bird Cafe” to our attention. It’s called the Kotori Cafe, on Omotesandō Street.

(In the area? It’s right here.)

According to Where In Tokyo.com, “This unusual cafe is populated by parrots, parakeets, sparrows and cockatoos for your bird-watching enjoyment. After you’ve finished your coffee or tea you can spend five minutes in the interactive zone at the back of the cafe. There, a staff member will apply disinfectant to your hands, and show you (in Japanese) how to handle and gently play with the resident birds without getting bitten.”







  1. Rachael says:

    The colors… unbelievable! What a lovely way to pass some time. Why isn’t anyone in the U.S. doing this stuff?

  2. Austin Starr says:

    there are probably government regs that forbid unauthorized contact between humans and birds. that’s why.

  3. Smartypants says:

    Beautiful! And I love that the time is so brief, to help keep the birdies from getting ‘human burnout’.

  4. The briefness of the encounter is probably entirely wise and proper, but I would keep going back with increasingly more ludicrous wigs and accents trying to maximise my interactive birdlet time.

  5. The one with a blue head is a lori

  6. Alice Shortcake says:

    First cats, now birds…surely it’s only a matter of time before baby sloths and pandas are made available to cafe patrons.

    *Adds more money to the Holiday in Japan Fund*