Charcoal The Lab & His Trusty Bucket

Doggehs love to play with toys. And really, anything fits the definition of “toy.” A tennis ball, an old sneaker, or a chewbone.

And a battle-scarred red bucket.

Charcoal, looks like you need a new one- maybe Bezos can Drone-Ship one to you overnight. Video spotted on VVV.



  1. Frannie says:

    A seemingly perfect toy for this particular doggeh – very creative and lots of fun!

  2. Only a lab would have that kind of energy….I’m exhausted just watching this creative puppeh.

  3. sabrina rose says:

    What a great dog! How lucky his owners are that he can entertain himself in such a healthy way!

  4. Cynthia M says:

    Like the famous seal in Japan– he has a bucket!

  5. Robert Moffatt says:

    I love to see a dog having so much fun.

  6. I’d have to call him Charlie Bucket.

  7. dgerish says:

    When he puts the bucket over his head and walks around, reminds me of Maru walking around with a paper bag on his head. Happy happy Charcoal.

  8. Rachael says:

    One of the best videos I’ve ever seen!! Like the kid playing with the box his toy came in, this puppeh really rocks his bucket. I would be thrilled if I could spend just 5 minutes with this little guy (I’m not sure I have the endurance for even that long but I’d love to try). 🙂

  9. Jimbeaux says:

    Wag wag wag! Such a happy dog! His energy and the musical accompaniment really made my day!

  10. Now THAT is fun!!! –happy doggy

  11. linnerlu says:

    This happy doggy and his happy bucket made my day! The music was perfect for the video, too.

  12. Labs will make a toy out of anything. Labs just love life! Happy Happy Joy Joy! If you’ve ever had a lab in your life, you’ve been blessed with lots of lab love.

  13. What a great toy, my lab is overly fond of plastic water bottles, but he quickly can destroy them and then wants to eat little plastic bits (not healthy). So cute when he runs around with it on his head and he rolls, lots of variety.

  14. What a sweet video! So much fun to see a puppers having so much fun. “Just as happy as can be, my bucket and me…”