Caturday: Hey!

Something is clearly on this fellow’s mind, and he’d like to talk to you about it.





  1. So very silly! My favorite is the whisper at about the 15 second mark.

  2. 260Oakley says:

    Cat is suffering from a serious case of hey fever. Perhaps some anti-hiss-tamines would help.

  3. thekellygeorge says:

    Sounds like my Uncle Sy –

  4. I like the whispery ‘hey’…

  5. doomchild says:

    2600 delivers once again 😀

  6. 😆 Kitties will “MEOW” at the top of their lungs when they want something (food) A.S.A.P. 😆

  7. Whut?

  8. hahaha…the last one is the funniest…..a double ‘hey’

  9. This is awesome. Reminds me of the Fonz

  10. This surely is all they’re really saying!

  11. petless in Puddletown says:

    That’s the trouble with cats. Such a limited vocabulary.

  12. Yuri Bell says:

    Why is this so hilarious?