Caturday: Did U Ever Know U Were My Hero?

Have you seen this video? For some reason, a dog decides to sneak-attack 4 year old Jeremy Triantafilo on a bike, and Tara The Hero Cat comes to his rescue! (Note: some injury photos at :46, FYI.)

Tara’s got her own FB page where U can learn more- and she’s even (somehow) throwing out the first pitch at a Bakersfield Blaze minor league baseball game Tuesday night!



  1. best cat ever

  2. A Mommy Lion in kitty cat clothing.

  3. Dog never knew what was coming. Boom!

    (That is some really weird behavior by the dog though. What’s up with that?)

  4. Go, Tara, go! What an awesome kitteh. I also wonder what caused the dog to behave like that–really weird.

  5. Saffron says:

    Tabbehs are AWESOME.

  6. sabrina rose says:

    Wow, Tara has major catitude and is very brave! Three cheers for her! Alas, I once had a dog who would chase little kids with wheels (stroller, pulling a little wagon, etc.) Tessa had been found as an 8 month old stray in a bad part of town and I adopted her from the Humane Society. Obviously, I put up a fence immediately. But also I hired a trainer/animal behaviorist to help my dog change her responses. This person said that probably Tessa had been frightened or hurt as a puppy by little kids with wheeled objects – skateboards, strollers, etc. Incidents that happen at a very young age get imprinted and the fear response kicks in automatically. When dogs are afraid, some run away if they can, but others will attack to prevent a perceived danger to themselves. The dog that attacked Jeremy looked like he was acting on a prey response. The little boy may have wobbled on his bike, which activates a “weak prey” alert in a susceptible dog. So Tara was a doubly brave cat!

  7. unfortunately for the dog, he is apparently in quarantine for 10 days and will then be euthanized. Once again, an animal pays for the owner’s stupidity. He should have been kept inside or fenced on or on a leash.

  8. I love this story.. Once when we had tuffy he chased off he neighbors queensland heeler because he got too close to My daughter. It was equally as awesome.

  9. 6rabbits says:

    Saw this on The Today show. Watching the video a couple times, the dog doesn’t even look unfriendly at first. Then a brief sniff and POW! They said he was a “guard dog” so that explains the no-leash bit, but that is still very odd behavior. So glad the boy had a tiger-in-a-cat-suit to defend him! 🙂

  10. One time in high school,my dad and I were having an argument and he was about to slap me when the cat ran in front of me and he slapped the cat.She bit him of course 🙂 and since then hes now afraid to raise his voice at me!

  11. I read that the dog escaped its yard and wasn’t actually being allowed to run free. As for why he attacked the boy, some dogs just go ballistic at bikes and skateboards and that kind of thing. (Not trying to condone its lack of proper training. Just sharing what I’ve heard.)

  12. warm-n-fuzzy says:

    What I don’t understand is, at the end of the video, the mother ran off and didn’t take the kid with her. He eventually followed, but I would have thought she would have grabbed the kid and then ran. Can anyone splain?

  13. mayitaazul says:

    Regarding the mom leaving at the end; I saw a different interview where the mom said the dog was coming back around the front of the truck so she went to head him off before he got to her son again.

  14. I had a tuxie girl, Picabo, who bravely defended me on occasion from one of my sillier dogs, named Bisto, who was, um, overly energetic. Picabo slapped poor Bisto on the nose a few times. My little body guard kitty.

  15. My cat bit every perspective boyfriend in the foot 🙂

  16. murkle46 says:

    One person described it as “A flying blender of teeth and claws”.
    A new Kung-Fu style should come of this.

  17. Victoria, Mom to 3 Rats says:

    warm-n-fuzzy – from what I’ve read, after the cat attacked the dog, it tried to come back on the other side of the vehicle and the mom ran in that direction to chase it off.

    I saw this video the other day and it brings a smile to my face. Cats can be such amazing companions. ❤

  18. I used to like this site before Brinke took over. But Brinke’s writing hasn’t progressed beyond 13-year-old texting-speak, and that’s quite unpleasant to read. I wish cute overload would fix this problem, or else give its users tools to filter out just Brinke’s posts so we can at least enjoy the rest of the content on this site.

  19. murkle46 says:


  20. murkle46 says:


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  22. Oh I love sing-a-longs, troooll-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo!

  23. Smartypants says:

    Kitteh has earned ALL the toona!

  24. Ed, this page already has such a filter. It’s the X on the right side of the tab at the top of your window.

  25. Perhaps the mother was unsure to what extent her son was injured. If the boy had an injury to his head/neck/back, it would be best not to move him. Perhaps the dog was trying to come back around and she was preparing to chase it away. Good job parents though on some excellent home security cams, and congrats kitty girl on defending her boy.

  26. Moonstar says:

    The humans named her after a goddess for a reason!

  27. Lucy E. says:

    From a cranky old person:

    Do NOT like new CU double-column comments format. Can’t tell who said what in what order or who was responding to whom. Open for assistance though.

  28. Can’t wrap up Caturday without saying that it sounds like Trina has a great cat!

  29. Smartypants says:

    Lucy E. – I agree! Here’s a tip – comments generally zigzag from left to right; then I go by the timestamp (i.e. your post is stamped yesterday at 8:17 PM).

    Since there’s no reply feature, if I’m responding to a particular person, I put their name at the start of my post.

    Not perfect, but it’ll do until hopefully they bring back the old system!

  30. AWW 😀 Tara is one very brave kitty 😀 I hope she lives a very long and very happy life with her loving family 😀

    @Smartypants, I also hope they bring back the old system!

  31. Saffron says:

    Trolls better watch out for flying tabbehs! 😀

    And now that trololo song is stuck in y head, so THANKS.

  32. Saffron says:

    Oops, meant troll as singular (person who no liek Brinke).
    Man I need to wait until the 10th cup of tea kicks in before posting. 😀

  33. Jennifer K., aka Chihgirl says:

    Brinke, with due respect to the above differing opinion (cough-Ed-cough) I have to say that I LOVE your commentary. I have actually laughed out loud at more of your writing than just about anything else out there on the interwebs…thank you CO gang, for such a wonderful, uplifting, bright spot in my day…(-:
    Brinke, YOU, my friend, are a very funny and talented writer/editor…keep up the great work!!
    P.S. I felt strongly enough about this to put my real name up here next to my moniker…

  34. Jennifer K., aka Chihgirl says:

    …and Ed, c’mon friend…this website is sort of *supposed* to take us back to the carefree days of being 13 years old, for a few minutes out of our stressful, “grown-up” day…isn’t that the point of CO, or am I missing something?…

  35. Who said cats weren’t loyal?

  36. The husband and I were trying to figure out what was wrong with the dog (and yes, I’ve read the previous post theories). Other than the high stiff tail, there’s no indication of aggression that we could see, and it even looked like the dog waited for the boy to see him before attacking. Very odd.

  37. dolphin815 says:

    Great. So the dog is going to be put down because the owner let him run loose and he behaved exactly the way pretty much every dog I’ve ever known would act (freaking out at cars, bikes, skateboards, pretty much anything that has wheels and moves fast). Nice. How is this cute again?

  38. dolphin815 says:

    @objectivecyd: It’s not odd. It’s perfectly normal behavior for a dog whose owners can’t be bothered to keep them within the confines of their yard. They get defensive of the entire street in front of their house. I had a mutt half that size run across the street to bite my leg when I walked by. I’m sure he would have gone ballistic if I’d been on a bike. I was more concerned for the dog than the owner because letting them run loose like that without any concept of boundaries is an excellent way to get them hit by a car. The owners of this dog are to blame, not the dog.

  39. dolphin815 says:

    I hate to be this person, but…no. This is NOT CUTE and shouldn’t be here.

  40. What did the kid do to annoy the dog? This is a horrible story and there’s probably a lot more to it.