Oh, U Want 2 Get On The Couch?

Just wait. He kicks it into gear and really wants to get up on the couch.

And the whackadoodle eyes are just a flat-out bonus.

From PetFlow Blog by way of Ted M. and Groovy 94.1 in Beckley, West Virginia, everybody.



  1. Goats wish they could make that sound.

  2. gerdiemonster says:

    #cuteoryikes tag? poor stubbular little fella

  3. I feel like a dog in that I cannot understand a word being said. Helpless.

  4. rosebud says:

    Oh pleeeeeeeze let him up.

  5. SoCrates says:

    Pretty sure I heard an “I want up there” What a cutie-pa-tootie!!

  6. @SoCrates – yeah, I think I heard “I want up” too! How do you say ‘no’ to that face, anyway?

  7. Lift that cutie-pie up onto the couch this instant or I shall be forced to intercede (i.e. take the pup home with me where he shall be on the couch, bed, or wherever he wants to be)! And I will call the meanie police on you to boot!

  8. Get that baby some doggy stairs!

  9. Please Daddy, don’t make me beg!

  10. I’m completely unsatisfied with the ending – I thought it would be a happy one.

  11. My cat thought this video was hilarious… as she sat on my lap and watched it!

  12. Melissa Moore says:

    Wonder if Deebs ever sounded like this?

  13. BulldogMommy13 says:

    Dude never lets the baby bullie up with him? Doesn’t deserve a bulldog, imho. All that cuteness must be rewarded!