Flashback Friday

Let’s do the Time Warp again! We’ve got a beehive hairdo, kitch, schmaltz, cheesy xylophone, AND an old-timey newsreel narrator! But wait, there’s also cats so that makes it all better.
It’s just a jump to the left:

And then a step to the right:

Thank You, Brinke and thank YouTube.


  1. Sharon Wilson says:

    I remember “The Adventures of Susie the Kitten!” Great book!

  2. The thing about all those kitty items is that I would need a couple of rooms just for them to be on display on shelves :D

  3. minimoppel says:

    It looks like the hotel lady in the first video has some sleeping rooms for the cats on her head. :-)

  4. ohhh my gosh, time warp days lol, i was a kid back then… have a lovely sunny saturday :)


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