Turn Up Your Speaker Volume

Just do it. Right now. Turn ’em up. QUICKLY.

You’ll just have to trust us on this one.

Via Say OMG.



  1. Most musical snore…EVAH!!!

  2. Could there be anything sweeter in all the world???
    I don’t think my heart’s beating anymore….it melted!

  3. I’m in the mod lounge!
    And I can’t find the date squares!

  4. No one has been in the mod lounge lately. Make sure there’s nothing green growing on the snacks.

  5. Thanks for the warning Sedro6. I was just about to reach for some dubious looking cheese.
    Can’t figure out what got me in there…just glad to be out!
    Think I’ll listen to that sweetie hedgie just.one.more.time.

  6. JenDeyan says:

    That definitely needs a loop.

  7. mrtsmom says:


  8. so adorbs
    LOL at the tribbles tag

  9. This definitely rivals this one:

  10. Such a sweet little snore! Squee!!

  11. mplsdeb says:

    kinda sounded like whale songs.

  12. @Sedro6

    It’s true. It’s very lonely here. I wish someone would misbehave. Come on, say something ornery and try the ceviche bar!