SOMEONE Is Geeked To See Grandma Again

Zoey missed Grandma. Zoey goes to the moon when she sees Grandma.

[Careful with the speaker volume on this one. Z goes bananas. So to speak. -Ed.]

From Barb and Paul, who are patiently waiting for the Cute.



  1. Copperbat says:

    Something about this video just shatters my heart into a zillion pieces. I love that lil monkey. Anyone who believes animals don’t have feelings, emotions, love for others is just plain wrong. And bless Grammy for indulging Zoey and greeting her likewise. ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. Sure Zoey’s cute but monkeys are NOT pets, they are wild animals that belong with their own kind. What are they planning to do once it reaches sexual maturity and develops a mind of it’s own? How many hours will it spend alone in a cage because it tears things up and bites in frustration? No responsible zoo will accept a monkey that has never learned to be a monkey. Monkeys are not pets.

  3. Surrealle says:

    I admit, I was cringing at this video as well for a number of reasons, mostly because exotic animals like this really shouldn’t be pets no matter how cute they are.

  4. vulfhild says:

    Monkeys are social animals that leave in groups. This poor little thing was taken away from its mother.

  5. Barb and Paul says:

    I agree completely that monkeys are NOT pets. I would not encourage anyone to try and acquire a pet monkey. This particular monkey, Zoey, was apparently rehomed (according to the owners), and they didn’t elaborate on why. That’s what I read from their video page on YouTube. There are also some people that come to acquire monkeys because they were abandoned by their owners. That happened to me. We had a squirrel monkey, and I would NEVER EVER have one by choice. My brother brought him home one day. However, because we opened our home to this little guy when his completely stupid and irresponsible owners were going to have him euthanized, he had a safe environment. I have to admit, what a fascinating animal. Now I know exactly what the phrase “Monkey on your back” truly means. We found a really good home for him as soon as we could find one, because we lived in Columbus, Ohio, and winters can be brutal. However, during the summer, this little guy lived outside. No cage for him. Crazy, right? Well, that happened because he got out one day (slippery little sucker), and we figured “OKAY, no more monkey.” We were well-intended, but were learning as we went along (another good reason to NOT have a monkey). And to our completely surprise, it was like he knew EXACTLY where our yard ended, and the neighbor’s yard began. You couldn’t drag him out of our yard. So, he spent sun-dappled days climbing the trees in our yard, and was as free as a spider monkey can be in Columbus, Ohio. At night, he would come and knock on the window, so that he could come and sleep in his cage – which was very spacious. He did terrify our neighbors, especially when they were hanging their laundry, because he would poke his little face out of the wisteria bushes next to our house.

  6. He might be really fond of grandma, but if a monkey made noises like that at me, I’d be grabbing a face mask.

  7. Jenny Islander says:

    If I found myself the new owner of a rescued pet baby monkey, I would study up on their behavior toot sweet. For example, when Zoey settles down a bit and starts going, “Hoo hoo hoo,” what does that mean? Would she feel better and thus be a less twitchy monkey if the humans copied her call, or not?

  8. murkle46 says:

    Its not a matter of “IF” a monkey will attack someone,but when.Theyre cute,and theyre also little bastards.

  9. Rachael says:

    I know monkeys should not be kept as pets BUT we don’t know all the facts about why Zoey lives with hoomins. What we do know is that she is loved and cherished and frankly, it’s going to be a long time before I’m able to wipe this silly grin off my face. Love the video!!!!!! 🙂

  10. I cant help wonder how much that baby misses her real mommy and siblings. Not cool. My heart broke at this video.

  11. Cute or Sad? Ehm…just sad. I’ll “take” my monkeys in the wild, yesseree!

  12. Chenaya says:

    I, for one, would rather not see ‘cute’ pictures or videos of critters that should never be pets, in a pet situation. There are still far too many “cute” commercials featuring chimpanzees and/or monkeys, and far too many people buying “ought never to be pets” animals because they see a “cute” story or picture and decide they just have to have one. Of course “their” animal loves them and will be happy and never bite, throw poo or attack a neighbor and rip her face off. Please – stick to animals in the wild or critters that are domesticated as pets. Not saying that Zoey shouldn’t be fostered or taken care of if she’s already been taken from her mother and troupe, just saying I’d rather not see it here touted as “cute”. It’s not cute. It’s tragic.

  13. Alice Shortcake says:

    I can’t bear to watch videos of monkeys wearing clothes.

  14. mplsdeb says:

    Tears my heart. The screeching is heartbreaking. Why on earth are these poor little dear ripped away from their families.