We’re Gettin’ Awfully Sleppy…

[This video runs 1:22 and I don’t know if we can make eet or not…..]




  1. MamaDawn in Tulsa says:

    I want a house lamb too!

  2. The white kid’s yawn nearly killt me.

  3. Jimbeaux says:

    When I was little, one of my first two plushies was named Lambie (He was a donkey, but I really couldn’t tell the difference). He helped me sleep every night, so watching this video made me wistful of being able to nap with such a cutie mclambersons!

  4. Emmberrann says:

    Usually when we see lambies on CO, they are sproinging all over the place. Nice to see this restful interlude..mmm. I’m getting sleppy, too…. zzzz.zz..zzz

  5. Am I crazy or are those not baby goats (not lambs)? 😀

  6. They ARE goatlets 😛

  7. OMG the little yawn..just killed me. So cute. They are little lambies see the tail.

  8. They are baby goats

  9. They are mouflon lambs. http://www.camelsandfriends.com/