Know Why They Call Him “Mooch?”

Watch the video and you will learn why!

From William M., who correctly notes that Nana could learn a thing or two from The Mooch.



  1. 😆 I see why they call him “Mooch” 😆 Those paws are FAST 😆

  2. Good catcher…and love that face!

  3. the black kitty is so slow! 🙂

  4. Sharon Wilson says:

    The black kitteh is like, “Can I have a treat? What, I’m supposed to do a trick for it? No!”

  5. Put that cat in a movie with Jon Hamm STAT…Mooch has major league shortstop skills!

  6. Ditto to Terri’s post!

  7. My cats catch them directly in their mouths. I did not teach them how to do it; they learned in order to prevent treat stealing.