Kitteh Butt Wiggle, Part II

We saw this little critter a couple of weeks ago. Now, we get a sequel, where we learn about the different types of butt wiggling. Who knew?

Submitted by Paul P.



  1. dgerish says:

    I for one appreciate the careful breakdown of butt-wiggle types. The more you know . . .

  2. I understand the Japanese have 23 different words for types of butt wiggles.

  3. i. The scientific approach here is awesome (Roman numberingks here a nod to it.) Would love to see a similar breakdown of variations amount of sideways butt action! :P) But I have questions: 1) Why do they do it?? I’m all about ‘the why’ of things. Is it to loosen up the hips/hind legs? And/or is a similar function to how high jumpers do a running start? (Except here it’s “running” in place start) 2) Do big cats do it??? Especially the ones that are more stalkery and can get close to their prey, hidden in brush, before pouncing. I can rest until I know! Heh.

    ii. Loff the stripe going from the corner of the eyes on tabby cat! Now if they only had a stripe going across the nose it would really look like glasses… Not to give anyone ideas!

  4. *That was supposed to be “I CAN’T rest until I know”…

  5. Sharon Wilson says:

    Butt wiggle #2 is really a whole body wiggle!

  6. Blue Footed Booby says:


  7. Just yesterday I saw Jack the Big Fat Orange Cat do a ‘two paws up’ butt wiggle (or, as I prefer to call it, Wiggle of Doom). I don’t think I would have caught it or believed my eyes if it weren’t for that earlier CO entry.

    To (try to) answer your question, gryt, I’ve always gotten the impression they do it to test their traction. You know, to make sure their hind feet are in position and braced to SPRING off.