How About..A Half Hour O’ Bebeh Finches?

Seriously, you will love this video taken in Pasadena, CA. Bebeh Finches being born and stuff, and peeping their puffy leetle heads off. Sit back, and glow -n- flow!

From Toorima.



  1. Amazing! And what’s really amazing is they look exactly like our little house finches here in CT!

  2. burvegas says:

    This is so neat! Those birds work so hard to feed their li’l ones.

    (For the sensitive and parents–be aware that a four-letter word for droppings appears in the video, as well as footage of the same)

  3. i wish the camera man would stop booping the birds on their heads and beaks. Otherwise, very sweet.

  4. We have a robin’s nest in the very same spot above the (front) porch light! I’ve refrained from touching them, though, and seeing this guy do it has increased my resolve considerably. Eesh. Ours are still in the fuzzy, blind, silent but gaping beak stage, so this makes me excited to see them grow up!

    I’ve been trying to think of ways to help the parents. We’ve had regular rain to bring out the worms and provide easy water, which was my first thought. I leave a light on (nearby but blocked from shining on the nest) to attract bugs, although I’m not sure they feed on the wing or after daylight. Does anyone know of any other ways to help nesting robins?